With everyone going green these days companies all over the world are coming up with innovative new ways to save energy and save you money. Solar geysers are a relatively new concept that is quickly catching on with eco-conscious consumers. Solar geysers utilize solar power to not only heat water but to store its energy. Pipes, connected to hot water storage apparatus utilize energy collected by solar panels. These systems can be used to heat swimming pools, bath water and more.

Many in cooler climates with less solar energy available have concerns about switching to solar geysers. These systems can still save energy and money for this group since they can be used in conjunction with gas or electric water heaters. An indirect circulation system is best for these climates. Switching to the solar geysers during the summer and sunnier days of spring and fall can save consumers a lot of energy since solar power costs nothing. It also gives peace of mind that, since solar power doesn?t give off greenhouse emissions that the environment is being protected. Another perk to using solar geysers is that during power outages it kicks in to full gear for consumer convenience.

Although the initial start-up cost of installing solar geysers may initiate some sticker shock, the money saved long term cannot be ignored. Since 25-55% of energy consumed in the average home is a direct result of heating water it makes perfect sense to switch to solar geysers. Since these systems also work when the sky is overcast it is a perfect solution for any home.


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