Will I still receive an electric bill if I have solar panels?

Yes, but the bills will be adjusted according to unit supplied to KE.

What are the financial benefits and environmental benefits of solar energy?

The main benefit is the payback period of 3 years while all equipment

remains under warranty. 5 KW system for e.g. will help reduce  2000 kg

of co2 per annum

What will be the maintenance cost?

On grid system there is no maintenance cost.

Is my roof suitable to install solar panels?

The solar panels can be installed at any given roof dimension. A 120 sqy roof can easily install 10 KW of solar panels.

How long does it take to install solar panels?

It depends on system size. A 1o KW system taes 7 days.

Where and how will solar energy be stored?

Solar energy in a off-grid system will be stored in batteries.  The excess generation from solar is used by the inverter to store power in batteries.

Is solar energy safe to store?

Yes, it is the most easy and convenient process.

Will KE pay me?

Yes, after three consecutive negative bill ke will pay the provider starting from fourth month.

What does an average solar panel system cost?

The per KW solar system cost ranges between 80,000 to 90,000 per KW.

How long KE takes to install netmeter?

After systems installation, it usually takes 25 days.

How is power recorded in net metering system?

KE will replace meter with a new netmeter which record all your import and export to and rom grid and same will reflect in ur monthly bill.

Where are the solar products imported from?

95% of the products are made in China and same is imported under strict Certification law.

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