Solar Tube Well

Problem for farmers in the community due to non-availability of water tube well, grid power and frequent breakdown of grid power and problem of low voltage from grid.


  • Shortage of water due to load shedding
  • High cost of Diesel operated tube wells
  • Wastage of water due to Grid failure
  • Low crop output
  • Loss of revenue and crop
  • Barren lands
  • Co2 emission from diesel operated  water pumps
  • Wastage of time as long waiting time once grid resumes.
  • High cost of water from grid and diesel operated pumps
  • High electricity cost and incorrect billing.
  • High cost due to water wastage because of grid failure
  • No peace of mind.

Solution / Impact of our solar powered tubewell

  • No shortage of water during 7 hours peak day time.
  • No electricity cost.
  • No wastage of water as no power failure
  • Increase in crop output  due to on time availability of water
  • Increase in revenue due to increase in crop output
  • Decrease in cost as lower water supply rates as compared to diesel or grid operated pumps.
  • Barren lands  converted into revenue making land.
  • No co2 emission
  • No hazards and wastage of time as no power failure
  • Water saved from getting wasted in canals due to no power breakdown.
  • 1000 tons of co2 saved in six months by one water pump of 20 hp.
  • Complete peace of mind

So the solar powered tube well has turned it around for the community from every aspect and the positive impact created is on  environment, economy, social and personal.

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