Solar Flour Mill (Chakki)


  • Long travel time due to non- availability of flour mills in the village and people have to travel to city to get wheat crushed on daily basis.
  • Long waiting time as backlog at grid operated flour mill shop due to frequent power breakdown in the city during the day.
  • Repeated visit to flour mill shops as people have to go back or wait for grid power to resume and then wait again for their turn.
  • Co2 emission from diesel operated flour mills.
  • High cost of crushing wheat from diesel operated and grid operated flour mills.
  • Higher fuel cost as people have to make repeated visits to flour mill shop due to grid failure and again increase in pollution from motor bikes.
  • Incorrect electricity bills sent to consumers which is on higher side.
  • No peace of mind due to above problems effecting health of the people.

Solution / Impact of our solar powered flour mill

  • No travel time to the city as we have installed solar powered flour mill inside the village where it is easily accessible by the people in the community.
  • No waiting time as services are provided on the spot.
  • No repeated visits and loss of time as well as no extra fuel cost as flour millis inside the village.
  • No co2 emission and environmentally friendly. 300 tons of co2 saved in 6 months by a 10 hp solar powered flour mill we have installed.
  • Low cost, as wheat crushing services are provided at lower rates as compared to grid and diesel operated flour mills.
  • No issue of incorrect billing and no unwanted visits to power company offices.
  • Complete peace of mind.

So again, the impact we have created by installing solar powered flour mill is on environment, economy, social and personal.

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