Axpert Inveter:

Axpert MEX series is enhanced with AC charger capability up to 60A and solar charger up to 40A. With larger 60A AC charger and 40A solar charger, the maximum charging current will reach 100A to attain higher performance. Conformal coated PCB is applied on Axpert MEX to greatly improve product reliability. It also allows the inverter to be operated in wide range environmental temperature.

Aerox 5.2 Inverter:

.1st inverter in Pakistan with Grid-tie and Self-consumption feature.
.Upgraded 3rd generation smart and intelligent solar inverter
.Zero transfer time
.Parallel up to 9 units with optional kit
.Efficiently work without battery
.Upgraded MPPT based solar charger controller up to 5000watts
.Integrated Bluetooth interface with Android App
.Battery Equalizaton
.Data logging and Storage function
.Energy Proritization according to the timer
.Conformal Coating to Prevent from Dust and Humidity
.Compatible with (LI-ion, LiFePo4 and etc.)
batteries with BMS

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