Electricity issues in Pakistan

Pakistan electricity sector is a developing market. For years, the matter of balancing the country’s supply against the demand for electricity had remained a largely unresolved matter. The country faced significant challenges in revamping its network responsible for the supply of electricity. Electricity generators were seeking a parity in returns for both domestic and foreign investors indicating it to be one of the key issues in overseeing a surge in electricity generation when the country was facing growing shortages. Other problems included lack of efficiency, rising demands for energy. Provincial and federal agencies, who are the largest consumers, often do not pay their bills. At one point electricity generation had shrunk by up to 50% due to an over-reliance on fossil fuels. The country was hit by its worst power crisis in 2007 when production fell by 6000 Megawatts and massive blackouts followed suit. Load shedding and power blackouts had become severe in Pakistan before 2016.

Economic Survey 2017-18 unfolds that Pakistan’s installed capacity to generate electricity has surged up to 29,573MW by February 2018 which stood at 22,812MW in June 2013, showing the growth of 30 percent.

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Story of biotech fuels:

Company is standing since year 2015, first they were selling solar lanterns than the owner of company once visited the village and found out the issues of electricity the locals were facing. It all starts from there the company started the business and have now achieved awards as well.










As shown in the published article published by UNIDO the solar energy was used to run water pump and flour mill the idea is just great it shows the hidden talent we have in Pakistan

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